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      Lithium-ion Cordless Working Light
      Li-ion 1.5Ah

      14.4V / 18V Li-ion ?Rotation Working Light,Quick release Li-ion Battery,360 Degree adjustable robust metal handle

      • Lithium-ion Cordless Flashlight & Charger-AO14/18BA


      Lithium-ion Cordless Working Light

      14.4V / 18V Li-ion ?Rotation Working Light

      PATENT PRODUCTS:PATENT NO.: ZL 2015 2 0404493.5 / ZL 2015 2 0192378.1

      ? Quick release Li-ion Battery

      ? 360 Degree adjustable robust metal handle

      ? High,Low and Flash lighting mode

      ? Power bank function,can charge mobile phone and pad?

      ? The handle with magnet,can catch up the metal anywhere

      Specification Item Parameter Parameter
      LED Output: AO14BA AO18BA
      USB Output: 5 W 5 W
      Operating time: >240mins >660mins
      Battery: Li-ion 14.4V 1.5Ah Li-ion 18V 1.5Ah


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