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      550W/ 750WElectric Hingle Machine,Professional
      500W /750W

      Full adjustable fency system, manual quick clamp devices, heavy duty cast iron constructions machined with precision, AH100 Multi-purpose Door hingle Machine,mounting machine, hole drills


      550W/ 750WElectric Hingle Machine,Professional

      ??Full adjustable fence system with easy to read scales in both inches and metric for quick setup and accurate boring
      ??Manual quick clamp devices
      ??Heavy duty cast iron constructions machined with precision
      ??Indexing pins to remain correct spindle alignment for resuming line boring sperations in long workpices;
      ??Work stops on either end of the fence allow operator to line up work from the left to right for performing parallel boring patterns
      ??Adjustable depth stop control
      ??Minimal maintenance required
      ??Optional multi axis bit set
      ??Open base steel stand included
      ??Sturdy density veneered plywood table top

      Specification Item Parameter
      Model: AH100

      Motor Power:

      550W /750W
      Voltage: 100-240V~ V? 50/60Hz
      Max. Borling Depth: 64 mm (2.5”)
      Spindle Heads (pcs): 3
      Table Size (cm): 80x40
      Collet Diameter: ?10mm
      Max Depth: 102 mm(4”)
      Table Height from floor: 848 mm (33.38”)


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